MAN Colorman



Single Width 2 plates around 560mm cut-off size.

for indicate the lubricant flow and signal the correct functioning of the pads lubricants (in contact when starting and out of contact when the machine is stopped). - the blanket tightening system is designed for the use of metal back blankets. Register-Grafikcontrol limitless circumferential register, motorized adjustment from the control desks with feedback - side register ± 3 mm, motorized adjustment from the control pulpit with feedback IROLOC – Automatic roller adjustment system The printing machine is equipped with an automatic roller clamping system for compensation: - thermal expansion of the rollers- contraction / swelling of the rollers Advantages: Consistent print quality - less maintenance- less heating of the rollers (energy saving) means longer life of the rollers OXY-DRY spiral brush dampening system Rilsan coat ink trains, roller washing up devices, continuous ink feeding. Ultrasonic sensors. Automatic inking. MAN Turbo Dampening Tolerance in-line stitching MAN KFZ 2:5:5 folder with upper formers. Folder has received enhance modifications. MAN Pecom control system – automatic press controls. 230v 50 HzSoftware back up’s We have complete details! Fully functional mailroom system is also available either with the press or separately.