Double width single plate around.

We offer for sale a year 2005 KBA PRISMA newspaper press.

Cut-off size 546mm - 21 1/2"

This machine is a 4 plate width (double width) single plate around press.

Press comprises 4 x 4 high colour towers and KBA folder, maximum web width 1575mm.

This machine is also equipped with a Quad tech Register system and Jet web Prefolding for panoramic style products.

The KBA PRISMA can print the same number of pages as a one-across, one-around (2:1) press but with only half the number of printing units, the press requires less manning, takes up less space and can be made ready faster. Dispensing with the collect option offered that two-around presses have it enables the KBA PRISMA to unite the flexibility of a one-around press with the enormous output of a two-across machine.

The printing units on the KBA PRISMA are all H-type and can be configured either as full or partial units in line or as a tower for 4:4 or 2 x 2:2. The four-high towers have two operating levels and, at around 5.5m (18ft) is neat and compact. The printing units can double as imprinters for split editions.

A maximum rated output of 70,000 copies per hour.

This KBA PRISMA incorporates KBA DRIVETRONIC shaftless drives for the printing units, reelstand, infeed units and draw rollers in the superstructure and the folder.

Still connected to power and may be turned over mechanically/electrically.

Schur mailroom and pre-press also available.