GOSS UNIVERSAL 70 546mm cut-off




Goss Universal 70 press. 546mm cut-off size.

New 2003; Max. web width 840 mm; Max. speed 35,000 cylinder revs/hour - 70,000 copies/hour

Equipped with:

EIGHT (8) MEGTEC DLP splicers

FIVE (5) 4-high printing towers with Jimek/Baldwin spray bar dampening

ONE (1) Goss 2:3:3 folder with upper former and quarter fold attachment

FIVE (5) DC 105kW drive motors

TWO (2) Technotrans Gamma Sd water circulators

TWO (2) Prazison plate benders

TWO (2) Prazison semi-automatic plate punches


EPC P1 was upgraded to latest version EPC C08 by Goss in the year 2010. This gives total flexibility between Press, Quality & Drive.

Modernization of EAE control console with operating system Windows 7 Professional including new keyboard, 24”TFT monitor, Trackball in the year 2015.

Migration of Control console software from operating system OS/2 to Windows 7 in the year 2015.

Update of EAE INFO system to version 3.2 with new INFO PC ( Simatic box PC627C) in the year 2015.

Update of Print PP system from version 2.8 to version 5.4 and set up on new print server hardware with operating system Windows server 2008 and workstation hardware with operating system Windows 7.

N.B. these recent upgrades have been a major financial investment in this Goss Universal 70 to ensure continued operation well into the future.

Huge Spare parts inventory ( approx.. valuation 125,000 Euro).

At an additional cost there is available a 2002/3 Ferag mailroom system designed accommodate output from the Goss Universal 70, if required.

Background to the owner’s valuation is as follows:

· Press in very good operating condition

· Goss Universal 2:3:3 folder equipped with upper former and quarter folder

· Estimated approximately 20,000 operating hours since installation as new – as mentioned above

· High value of spare parts - worth approximately €125.000

· Several hundreds of thousands of Euros investment in upgrades to EAE press control systems in 2015.

· Good access for removal.