GOSS Universal 45 pressline Reference 5020.

GOSS Universal 45 Pressline

Single width 530mm size.

Max web width 840mm, printing speed 45,000 cph

Single width single plate around.

New 1999 with later extensions and upgrades in 2007/8

10 x 4+4 towers, 1 x 2+2. 12 webs in total; Shaftless drive; spray dampening; ink fountains with motorised ink keys; Rilsan ink rollers with Pneumatic throw off; motorised running sidelay and circumferential register; Fan out correction bars; Narrow plate slot lock-ups; motorised web lead tape; Goss open loop infeed shaftless driven. Folder with upper former; 12 x Reelstands. Press drive and consoles. All available spares and technical support information.

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