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Goss International Printing Presses

Supplies presses and finishing systems – including the most automated and productive web offset presses in the world – for magazine, newspaper, packaging, catalog, direct mail and other printing applications. The company is differentiated by its printing process knowledge, engineering expertise, high-tech industrial manufacturing capabilities and ability to execute and support large-scale capital equipment projects.

Goss International is headquartered in Durham, New Hampshire (USA) and has major manufacturing centers in North America, Asia and Europe as well as a global sales and support network. Goss press models past and present include: Goss Uniliner, Goss Colorliner, Goss Colorliner 80, Goss Metro, Goss Universal 70, Goss Universal 75, Goss Universal 45, Goss Universal; Goss Urbanite, Goss Community, Community SSC, Community SC; Goss HT70, Goss HT60, Goss T70, Goss T60; Goss Headliner offset, Colorliner CPS, Universal XL, Mainstream, Mercury, M600, Sunday 4000, Sunday 3000.