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Friday 8th Dec 2023

  • An Epic Way to Turn over your Newspaper pages.

    Here is a very creative way to automatically turn over the pages of your Newspaper! (Watch the video). .... More

  • Lloyd completes a commission for Associated Press.

    August 2012. Artist Lloyd Schermer has recently completed another large wall sculpture. Commissioned by Associated Press, Lloyd was invited to produce a sculpture to be sited in the front foyer of the.... More

  • Linotype - The Film

    Linotype – The Film I just learnt about a new film about Linotype type setting machines which I am really looking forward to watching at some point. LINOTYPE the Film is a new feature length document.... More

  • The Old Print Shop video

    The Old Print Shop video Take a quick step back into the past to when printing was a skill and an art form. Nowadays we take so much for granted, the push of a button on a computer can provide a finished i.... More